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Brooke Hopkins

25 September 2022 338 Read NFT


Bitverse Launches Bitverse Heroes NFT Collection

To participate in the Bitverse Heroes NFT Collection, players can purchase Portals. These Portals are stored in a player's inventory and can be used to summon a Bitverse Hero. After opening a Portal, a player will be rewarded with a Bitverse Hero NFT. Players can purchase four different kinds of Portals. Prices start at $99 for a Common Portal.


Bitverse Heroes NFTs are fungible items that are used by players in the games in the Bitverse universe. The NFTs can be used to customize characters in the different Bitverse games. Players can also earn NFTs by participating in various activities in the Bitverse. There is no limit to the number of NFTs that a player can buy with the Bitverse currency.

The Bitverse Heroes NFT collection is part of a metaverse that consists of several Web3 games in the 8-bit world. It has three game types: a dungeon crawling RPG, a top-down battle royale, and a side-scrolling endless runner. In the future, more games are planned in the Bitverse universe.


The Bitverse Heroes NFT Collection is a currency that allows players to customize their characters and gain access to special benefits. These NFTs are fungible tokens that you can use across all of the Bitverse's games. Purchasing a Bitverse Hero NFT will allow you to increase your achievements, unlock special community rooms, and earn in-game rewards. In addition, your NFTs will be preserved across all of the games in the Bitverse, making them increasingly valuable over time.

As the market for cryptocurrencies continues to suffer during a bear market, new NFT projects are beginning to slow down. However, projects that are unique and stand out can still rise in spite of the bear market. One such project is Versailles Heroes, a MOBA game developed by an experienced team of blockchain experts and developers. The game combines the world of blockchain, crypto-economics, and NFT art into one unique and compelling gaming experience.

Access to community rooms

Bitverse Heroes are customizable characters that can be used to explore different games and rack up achievements. They can also be used to enter competitions and participate in community rooms. Bitverse Heroes NFTs allow players to gain access to these special rooms, boost their achievements, and preserve their progress across games.

Bitverse games are created on a blockchain platform. They are part of a new gaming metaverse called the Bitverse. The games are set in a nostalgic 8-bit universe and feature unique characters. In the Bitverse Heroes game, you can customize and level up your heroes to make them better. The game costs $99 and will be available for pre-sale on September 22.