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Brooke Hopkins

09 October 2022 233 Read Crypto

Crypto Exchanges See a Surge in Women Investors

Women are investing in cryptocurrencies in increasing numbers. Compared to male investors, women tend to be more risk-averse and seek to diversify their investments, which is an important aspect for those looking to diversify their holdings. In particular, this is true when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

Women are increasingly investing in cryptocurrencies

While crypto may seem to be largely male-dominated, it's the future of money and investing will be more diverse and inclusive.

Many women and Black people have had trouble gaining access to traditional financial markets due to gender and race bias, so the uptick in interest in cryptocurrencies is an encouraging sign.

This new asset class also presents opportunities for financial education and financial empowerment.

Women are becoming more aware of the potential benefits of crypto and are expressing interest in working in the crypto industry.

According to Flori Marquez, the founder of BlockFi and the senior vice-president of operations for the company, the biggest barrier to women investing in crypto is a lack of knowledge about the technology.

The gender imbalance in cryptocurrency investing can be partly attributed to the fact that men dominate the tech and finance industries.

While women may not be familiar with the technicalities of cryptocurrency, many of the earliest followers were men.

Female cryptocurrency investors are more risk-averse than male investors

In terms of risk-aversion, female cryptocurrency investors are more conservative than their male counterparts. A recent study conducted by Gemini found that women held a higher percentage of self-custody portfolios and smaller portfolios. Previously, cryptocurrency investing was thought to be dominated by male investors, but the crypto industry has seen a shift toward more mainstream appeal. Gemini's findings suggest that the gender gap in crypto investing is set to close by the year 2022.

One of the main barriers that women have to overcome in order to invest in cryptocurrency is a lack of knowledge. Women have historically had less disposable income than men, which means that they are less likely to save for retirement and invest in cryptocurrencies. They are also more risk-averse, making them less confident in the market.