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Rachel Welch

14 October 2022 234 Read NFT

Does a Toddler Need an NFT?

The advent of the internet is bringing new forms of entertainment for kids. Cartoons, edgy animated film characters and net-local cool apps have spawned a new generation of entertainment aimed at toddlers. For example, Pixar is launching a new, edgy film for Buzz Lightyear this year that will function the titular character. The slick language of how children want to spend money to earn money is refreshingly fresh. Meanwhile, platforms like Zigazoo were creating a bubble for kids that sold explicit creativity, academic experience and a way to participate in a community.

The world's greatest artist, Pablo Picasso, created his first painting at age eight. Today, Picasso is considered one of the greatest artists of all time, but his first painting was a matador in Spain.