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Rachel Welch

14 November 2022 178 Read Crypto

Get Paid to Browse With Brave

If you have a Brave account, you can use its wallet feature to get paid to browse the web. This means you get paid to browse and you don't have to worry about tracking browsers. It also embraces the values of decentralization and eliminates opportunities for phishing attacks.

Embraces values of decentralization

Brave is a decentralized web browser with over 42 million monthly users and 1.3 million Verified Publishers. It was created by Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and Mozilla, and Brian Bondy, a former founder of Khan Academy. The project is governed by a unique DAO model that enables it to serve as a community-managed NFT platform, cutting-edge launchpad, and Web3 technology solutions provider. It is trusted by over 200 partners and has processed $20 million USD of marketplace volume and raised $2 million USD in primary sales for partnered projects.

Moreover, decentralization provides protection to users of blockchain. It takes months to compromise Bitcoin and minutes to compromise PayPal. This is a huge amount of time and effort. Therefore, decentralization is the number one value of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Eliminates opportunities for phishing attacks

Brave Wallet is a non-custodial, open-source cryptocurrency wallet. It is built into the browser and eliminates many phishing opportunities, which involve scammers downloading a malicious crypto wallet onto your computer. These attacks can lead to the loss of all your money. The brave browser also warns you when you are about to visit a website that is phishing. In this way, you can protect your valuable information from being exposed.

To set up your wallet, all you need to do is click the wallet icon on your top bar. Next, enter your password. The password should be a strong one. You can also enter a backup code. After that, you can confirm that you want to receive notifications.

Offers real-time market information