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Rachel Welch

13 November 2022 146 Read Crypto

Green Crypto Farming


If you've been thinking about starting a crypto farm, you might want to consider going green. This type of farming does not involve mining cryptocurrencies, but it does involve using energy-efficient crops. A few examples of these crops are Chia, DEVVIO, and Harmony. These crops are energy-efficient and have many advantages.

EcoWay's farming infrastructure

EcoWay is one of the first large-scale farming infrastructures for green crypto farming. Their farm is located in the EU and boasts impressive staking opportunities. They have chosen a Proof-of-Spacetime consensus protocol in order to maximize their energy efficiency. The farming infrastructure also uses a nearby photovoltaic system for their energy requirements.

The company has a solid team. The CEO, Mariusz Poplawski, is a former National Defence University graduate with years of experience in organizational implementations of blockchain solutions. He has also been appointed as a court-appointed blockchain expert. The rest of the team includes investors and developers who are experienced in wind energy and photovoltaic projects. They have even been involved in computer power projects based on the ERC-20 protocol.


Harmony is a blockchain-based crypto ecosystem that focuses on reducing the energy consumption of transactions. The platform uses sharding and FBFT consensus algorithms to reduce the amount of energy required per transaction. It also works across multiple blockchains and focuses on improving scalability.

The Harmony ecosystem has been booming lately with many upcoming projects. There are many ways to get involved in the ecosystem. You can begin by researching the projects listed below. Each one has unique features, benefits, and potential disadvantages.


The first step in Green Crypto Farming with Chia is to install the software. You'll need a Chia node and a secondary harvester node. Install both the same way. Once the primary node has been installed, it should sync with the blockchain after a few minutes. You'll need to check for block rewards frequently, because the Chia Network has a huge database and you can't be sure you'll get the reward you deserve.

The next step is to buy the largest storage and fastest hard drive for your Chia farm. This way, you'll increase your chances of earning rewards faster. The Chia network is based on blockchain, which is a smart transaction platform. Each plot on the blockchain contains data stored in blocks called hashes. These data blocks are generated every four to six hours.


Devvio's blockchain uses 3.5 billion times less energy to process transactions than Bitcoin, making it a green cryptocurrency. The platform can process eight million transactions per second. This is an impressive feat for a cryptocurrency. However, this is not the only advantage. The system also supports multiparty collaboration and trust among stakeholders.

DEVVIO is an excellent cryptocurrency for energy-conscious investors. Its decentralized platform runs on cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services, which reduces the amount of energy required to process transactions. In addition, the platform uses the desktop of its users to mine. This process consumes less energy than proof-of-work blockchain mining.