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Rachel Welch

31 October 2022 137 Read Resources

How to Add Tokens to MetaMask Wallet

Once you have opened MetaMask, you'll need to add your tokens. The process is relatively simple. Just paste the address of the token you wish to add into the "Token Contract Address" field. After that, the "Token Symbol" and "Token Decimal" fields should auto-populate. If not, select the appropriate network and click "Add Custom Token".

After clicking "Add Tokens", a new window will appear. In the "Assets" tab, click "Add Token" and paste the token contract address. Your token will be added to MetaMask, and you can then view its balance.

In addition to adding ERC-20 tokens, you can also add custom tokens to MetaMask. If you're using Ethereum, you can find a custom token source on Etherscan by using the "Current Token Address" option. You can copy this address to your mobile device. Then, you can use the "Add Token" option to add your token to the wallet.