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Rachel Welch

10 October 2022 140 Read Bitcoin

How to Become a Bitcoin Billionaire?

If you're looking to become a bitcoin billionaire, you've likely heard about the Shrem and Roszak stories. These men are longtime crypto investors who use old rickety computers and make fortunes with bitcoin. Then there's Tim Draper, who has been involved in the crypto space for years and runs the incredibly popular MicroStrategy platform.

Shrem become bitcoin billionaires

After Shrem was released from prison in 2016, he quickly began to promote Bitcoin. He spent a year in prison for running an illegal online black market called Silk Road. He was later released, but his conviction forced him to spend months out of the public eye. Since his release, he's been back in the industry, launching several new projects. One of his new ventures was Intellisys Capital, which aimed to offer cryptocurrency tokens for shares of manufacturing companies. The venture, however, failed.

Roszak is a longtime crypto investor

Matthew Roszak has been investing in cryptocurrency for over a decade. He was the first person to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) in 2012. He is the co-founder and chairman of blockchain startup Bloq and has invested over $1 billion in the technology. In addition to being an active crypto investor, Roszak is a prominent advocate of the technology. He recently led a campaign to give $50 in digital assets to members of Congress.

Roszak uses a rickety computer

Before the rise of Bitcoin, Roszak was a dot-com billionaire. He took part in initial coin offerings of new altcoins and spent his money on cryptoexchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken, and others. His wealth has since increased exponentially, and he has even taken loans to buy more Bitcoin. He also invests some of his earnings in cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Coinbase, so that he can purchase more coins.

MicroStrategy founder Tim Draper

MicroStrategy founder Tim Drapers, who is one of the most prominent Bitcoin billionaires, has predicted that bitcoin will increase in value by 10 times by 2023. Tim Draper's prediction comes from an interview he did with Forbes in January. At the time of the interview, Bitcoin was worth around $41,000. Since then, eleven people have lost $61 billion in the crypto market, but only seven people remain billionaires.

Winklevoss twins

The Winklevoss twins, who were once portrayed as handsome Harvard jocks in the movie "The Social Network," have recently become Bitcoin billionaires. After losing a $65 million settlement against Facebook, the twins turned to bitcoin as an investment vehicle. They started BitInstant, which became the second largest Bitcoin exchange after Mt. Gox. Then, when Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg decided to accept bitcoin, the twins saw an opportunity.

Micree Zhan

Micree Zhan is one of the world's richest Bitcoin billionaires. He's a Chinese electronics engineer and co-founder of Bitmain, the world's largest company for cryptocurrency mining. In 2018, Micree Zhan was named the world's ninth-richest self-made billionaire under 40. He began his career studying computer science in college before creating his own business, which made set-top boxes. He met his future business partner, Jihan Wu, by chance in Beijing, and the two eventually joined forces to create Bitmain.