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Rachel Welch

01 November 2022 90 Read NFT

How to Buy an NFT on Rarible

If you are looking for a platform where you can buy and sell NFTs, you should look into Rarible. It is a relatively new company with a small team, but it is already making waves in the world of crypto. The company was founded by Alex Salnikov and Alexei Falin, two individuals with expertise in the cryptocurrency field. They previously co-founded a digital sticker marketplace. They recently raised their first round of funding from the New York-based CoinFund. The fund believes that NFTs represent a new way to own digital content, and believes that the market will be huge in years to come.

While many of the NFTs on Rarible are game-related, these tokens aren't the only items on the platform. Other items sold on the site are avatars, memes, clothing, and digital music. Rarible also lets you upload music to sell as collectible copies, allowing artists to make money while also promoting their works.