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Rachel Welch

03 October 2022 209 Read NFT


How to Find the Best Bitcoin NFC Cards?

There are a few different Bitcoin NFC Cards available in the market. Some of them include CoinCorner's Bolt Card, Sofitto's Sugi, and General Bytes' NFC wallet. However, not all of them are equally promising. The key to finding the best one depends on your own needs and preferences.

CoinCorner's Bolt Card

CoinCorner recently announced the release of a new product called Bolt Card. This card looks like a regular NFC card but leverages the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Users can tap to pay using Lightning, just like using a credit card. The card can also be connected to a Lightning-enabled wallet, making it possible to pay using your digital currency without a bank account.

CoinCorner's Bolt Card is the world's first contactless Bitcoin Lightning card. The card is now available for purchase in Oxford City FC's official club shop. This new payment system allows fans to pay at turnstiles and pay for refreshments seven days a week. The card will also appear on the club's home and away kits.

CoinCorner's Bolt Card lets you buy and sell BTC instantly and provides a variety of payment options for buying and selling BTC. It also acts as a wallet for BTC assets. The Bolt Card works like a debit card for BTC assets and uses lightning payments to pay merchants instantly. You must apply for a Bolt Card in order to use it.

Sofitto's Sugi NFC wallet

Sofitto's Sugi NFC-based Bitcoin wallet provides a safe and convenient way to store your cryptocurrency. The wallet supports bitcoin, ETH, BCH, Litecoin, Ripple, and other ERC-20 tokens. It also plans to add tokenized fiat currencies in the future, so users can use it to make payments in stores and withdraw funds at ATMs all over the world.

The Sugi wallet comes with an app for iOS and Android that allows users to easily use it with their phone. The app works like a regular wallet and has a built-in PIN code that only the user can enter. The Sugi NFC wallet is secure and uses European Union standards to keep user data safe.