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Rachel Welch

01 October 2022 294 Read Crypto


How to Trade the Golden Cross?

The Golden Cross is the crossing of two moving averages. It is a fairly intuitive pattern and is often used in technical analysis. There are three stages in the formation of a golden cross. Before the crossing, there must be a downtrend, so that the short-term moving average is below the long-term moving average. Next, there must be an intersection, when the short-term moving average takes over the long-term one. After the intersection, the short-term DMA is acting as support for prices.

After the cross, the market will likely head higher. The positive bias of the Golden Cross can help traders better time their entries. It is best to use multiple timeframes to identify the best time to enter a trade. A short-term move is more likely to end in a downtrend, while a long-term move may end in a bullish trend.