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Rachel Welch

09 October 2022 208 Read Crypto

Is Crypto Dead?

With the market still falling for stocks and cryptocurrencies alike, some investors are asking, "is crypto dead?" It all depends on your point of view and your mindset.

While there are some factors that have contributed to the crash, developers are still busy innovating. Ethereum, for instance, is on the cusp of its biggest upgrade yet, and Cardano is soon to follow with its own hard fork.

Other projects, such as Ripple, are working with banks to create a new standard for banking communication.

Although some experts say the cryptocurrency bubble is over, others disagree. For example, Umar Farooq, the CEO of JP Morgan's Onyx, believes that many cryptocurrencies will eventually die, but the technology behind them will find new uses.

Another bullish investor, Ray Dalio, recently said that cryptocurrencies were a great idea and that they will continue to be used in the future.