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Rachel Welch

19 October 2022 185 Read Altcoins

Is Tron TRX a Good Investment?

The price of Tron TRX has risen by nearly 300% over the past year. The company has recently announced a partnership with Samsung to make its decentralized applications (DApps) accessible to Samsung Galaxy S10 phones. It is also working with Bitmain, a major producer of ASIC-chips for Bitcoin mining. The company also has a new advisory role with the national authorities of China.

As interest in cryptocurrencies grows, the need for regulation is increasing. As a result, global regulators may need to step in and regulate the cryptocurrency industry. While this isn't yet a given, it is an important step for the future of the industry. For now, however, cryptocurrencies are under Singapore's Company Law, and will likely remain under government supervision in the future.