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Rachel Welch

26 September 2022 273 Read Metaverse


Metaverse Coins

Metaverse Coins are digital tokens that let you play a virtual world. In the game, you can buy, sell, and trade virtual land. You can also monetize the experience through the SAND cryptocurrency. The game is backed by established investors like SoftBank, and it allows players to determine how to use their currency. However, it is likely that players will focus heavily on creating and trading NFTs.


Tamadoge is an exciting cryptocurrency project that has already attracted a lot of investor attention. The project is currently in its beta stage and has already received a lot of positive feedback. It has the potential to become a high-growth asset for investors. Its developers are aiming to release an arcade style game in Q3 of 2023, as well as an augmented reality mobile application. In addition, its fixed supply of only 2 billion tokens ensures that the supply is constantly being depleted.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity developers are working to build a player community through player-generated content and game governance. To that end, they are allowing players to make contributions to the game and to vote on the game's spending of the Community Treasury. By contributing to the game's development, players will receive Axie Infinity tokens.

In addition to player-generated content, Axie Infinity features a player-owned economy wherein Axies are traded and classified based on their rarity. This allows players to invest in different Axies and improve their own, as well as other players', in-game properties.



Enjin is an innovative platform that has been working hard to establish itself as the benchmark in the blockchain world, especially in video games. With its SDKs, minting panel, and website API, Enjin is making it easier for games to use blockchain technology and create their own NFTs and currencies. Its user-friendly interface is also allowing anyone with working hands to get started.A virtual world called the Metaverse is quickly gaining popularity. It has been nicknamed the future of the internet, and its emergence is fueling a number of exciting projects.