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Rachel Welch

04 November 2022 165 Read Resources

Metaverse in Healthcare

Metaverse is an emerging technology that can supplement telemedicine visits and virtual offices in healthcare. The technology allows patients and physicians to interact virtually in a 3D clinic. The virtual environment can be set up anywhere and can be used to conduct tests and treatments. The metaverse has the potential to open up new treatment channels while reducing healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes. The technology incorporates three key technologies that are already being used in healthcare: blockchain, digital twinning, and telemedicine.

Global Metaverse in Healthcare market size

The Global Metaverse in Healthcare market is segmented based on technology, component, and end use. For example, the technology used to create augmented reality headsets is expected to change the way we experience complex surgeries. The technology is also expected to improve patient outcomes. It is anticipated that AR/VR gadgets will soon become commonplace.

With the increase in demand for advanced health care services, more companies are implementing advanced technology to improve patient experience. For instance, metaverse in healthcare solutions can be used to monitor patient service and prevent errors. This technology is currently gaining importance in North America and Europe. This growth is largely due to its effectiveness in the delivery of healthcare services.

According to a research report by InsightAce Analytic, the global metaverse in healthcare market size is expected to be US$ 5.06 billion in 2021. By 2030, it is expected to reach $71.2 billion. During this period, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 34.8%.

Global Metaverse in Healthcare market size by region

The Global Metaverse in Healthcare market includes software, hardware, and mixed reality platforms, and is segmented by end-users and geography. The key market segments include diagnostics, treatment, and professional medical training. This report also provides information on the global metaverse in healthcare market's size by component.

The metaverse in healthcare market is expected to grow at a rapid pace, mainly due to the increase in spending power of individuals and the adoption of new technologies. To ensure the future growth of the market, leading players are adopting various strategies, including partnerships, acquisitions, and product development.

The United States Metaverse in Healthcare market is expected to grow at a CAGR of % over the forecast period 2022-2028. Germany and China are projected to account for the largest share of the market, each with a % share. Japan and South Korea are expected to grow at a rapid rate over the next 6 years.