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Rachel Welch

05 November 2022 149 Read NFT

NFTs on Instagram

Instagram recently announced NFTs, or "Non-Fungible Tokens," a new format for collecting digital collectibles. This new addition to the platform has raised many questions, many of which have yet to be answered. Kolsquare has compiled some information for marketers interested in using NFTs on Instagram.

Users of Instagram can share digital collectibles through hashtags that include #NFT, #token, #cryptocurrency, and "eth." As a reminder, however, you should abide by Instagram's guidelines to prevent posting illegal products. Remember, it's not possible to turn cryptocurrency around overnight.

The new NFTs on Instagram feature is available to select users, but not to everyone. For now, only 16 creators and NFT creators can post their digital collectibles on IG. They can also link their third-party digital wallets to their accounts in-app. Some of the third-party wallets supported by Instagram are Rainbow and MetaMask.