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Brooke Hopkins

02 October 2022 238 Read Crypto


OpenSea Has Delisted Several Azuki Non-fungible Tokens

There is no question that delisting assets is an enormous disadvantage for an organization. Once they are delisted, they cannot be traded on exchanges or other centralized locations, resulting in the loss of both existing and potential clients. This can significantly reduce the market capitalization of an organization.


Azuki users are not pleased with the delisting of several of their non-fungible tokens on the OpenSea marketplace. The reason for this is not clear yet, but it could be a technical error on the part of OpenSea. It is a critical drawback for an organization, as delisted assets cannot be traded from exchanges or other centralized locations. This means that the delisted assets are no longer able to attract new customers, leading to a drop in market capitalization.


The OpenSea exchange has recently delisted several Azuki Non-fungible Token (NFT) assets. This is a big setback for a company because delisted assets cannot be traded on exchanges. Instead, they can only be traded on decentralized sites. Delisted assets have a lower market capitalization, which is bad news for organizations.


A delisting bug has once again struck the cryptocurrency market, and this time it's hitting Azuki. Previously, the bug hit Bored Ape Yacht Club as well. However, this time it took less than an hour to fix and the delisted NFTs were relisted to their owners' wallets. OpenSea blamed the inconvenience on their 'Trust & Safety Flagging System' and said that they would make sure the same thing did not happen again.

OpenSea's centralized model

Recently, OpenSea has announced a technical error in its Trust and Safety flagging system, which caused the Azuki non-fungible tokens to be delisted. The company quickly resolved this issue, and the delisting has since been reversed. However, this error does not bode well for the organization. In the meantime, the company is still unable to provide its Azuki users with access to its marketplace, which means it will lose many clients, and its market cap will plummet.