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Rachel Welch

15 October 2022 190 Read NFT

The Largest Crypto Companies That Own NFT Marketplaces

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase, is building its own NFT marketplace. Though they have not revealed a specific launch date, they have been optimistic about the potential of NFT as a revenue source. Brian Armstrong, the company's CEO, said during the company's recent earnings call that NFT could be "as big as cryptocurrencies." Coinbase recently met with over 100 creators and is building a product based on feedback. The hope is to improve interactions between creators and users.

Rarible: Another NFT marketplace, Rarible was built on the Ethereum blockchain. Like OpenSea, Rarible offers a unique platform to mint digital collectibles. The interface is similar to Spotify, with scrollable columns that offer the most popular items, hot collections, and live auctions. Rarible also features a governance token, RARI, which allows the most active users to vote on platform upgrades and participate in moderation decisions.