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Brooke Hopkins

13 October 2022 218 Read Blockchain

Want to earn money staking on blockchains? Heres how

Staking is a way to earn cryptocurrencies by transferring your coins to a staking pool. Most big crypto exchanges offer this option to their customers. You remain the owner of the coins you stake, but they will remain in the staking pool until you decide to withdraw them.

Proof-of-stake blockchains

Staking on blockchains is a way to earn extra coins. As a staker, you put your cryptocurrency on the line by proposing new blocks and voting to accept them. The more coins you have on stake, the higher your chance of receiving transaction fee rewards. However, there are risks involved, including losing your stake if your blocks aren't accurate.

First, you have to have digital assets to stake. You can find these assets on crypto exchanges, and then transfer the coins to a staking pool. Most big exchanges offer staking opportunities in-house. However, these pools usually have a long waiting period for you to withdraw your coins.

Investing in cryptocurrencies with staking

The crypto market is incredibly volatile, and the price of tokens can drop dramatically. To protect your investments, staking is a great way to lock up your coins for a minimum period of time. Some cryptocurrencies have minimum seven-day lockups, which prevent you from selling your crypto until that time is up.

Staking a cryptocurrency allows you to earn a passive income without selling it. The process works much like storing cash in a high-yield savings account. You put your cash in the account, and it earns interest and rewards you for creating new blocks. Investing in cryptocurrencies using a staking platform may be a great way to lock in a profit and avoid losing all your money.

Investing in cryptocurrencies with staking pools

Staking pools are an excellent option for investors who are looking for passive income and a way to participate in the staking process without having to personally hold crypto tokens. Unlike traditional investment options, staking pools allow smaller retail investors to participate in staking and passively earn from the crypto tokens they hold. Staking pools are a far better option than storing your cryptos in a wallet and leaving them to sit dormant.

However, it is important to understand that staking does not provide immediate returns. The rewards of staking are dependent on the future of a project, and your stake will be lost if the market plunges. However, the rewards can be quite high, and you can expect a return of over 11% annually over time. In addition, staking is relatively low-risk and requires very little work on your part.