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Rachel Welch

09 November 2022 151 Read Metaverse

What is Play-To-Earn Crypto Projects?

Play-to-Earn Crypto Project (P2E) games are video games that let users earn crypto by playing them. They are typically free to play but players must spend a certain amount of time playing the games to gain the coins they need to play the game. Unlike most online games, P2E games have no owners or investors, and developers are solely responsible to their players.

Some of the most popular play-to-earn projects include Axie Infinity, which allows players to breed Axies and battle for smooth love potions, which is short for "smooth love potion." Another popular P2E game is Decentraland, a 3D virtual world where players can buy virtual land and build their own homes. These virtual land parcels can be sold for upwards of $100,000 at their peak popularity.