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Rachel Welch

13 October 2022 269 Read NFT

What Is Rarities in NFT?

The rarity of an NFT is a key factor in determining its value. Rarity refers to how scarce or incomparable an item is, and the higher its rarity, the higher its value. Rarities can also vary based on other qualities such as aesthetic appeal and cultural significance. For example, there are Punks that are considered to be rare, such as CryptoPunks, 7-trait Punks, and Alien Punks.

Rarity tools are software programs that calculate the rarity of an NFT, and also display the factors contributing to the rarity score. Rarity tools are a valuable resource for collectors and trader alike, and they help determine the value of NFTs. Rarity tools vary between different platforms, and their rarity scores can differ from one another.