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Rachel Welch

27 September 2022 293 Read Blockchain


What is the YIELD App?

YIELD App is a FinTech company that provides a mobile wallet and web app. It offers a variety of investment strategies and charges a fee for withdrawals to external wallets. Here's a look at some of its features. This is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to earn a passive income on their investments.

YIELD App is a FinTech company

YIELD App is a Fintech company that offers a blockchain-based solution for crypto lending. Its app allows users to lend and invest their cryptocurrency. However, there are risks involved, including losing all or part of your investment. In order to reduce the risks, the company uses 2FA (two-factor authentication). It also offers other security features, such as an activity log, session monitoring, and alert emails.

It offers a mobile wallet and web app

The YIELD App is a new financial technology platform that uses a mobile wallet and a web application to invest in cryptocurrencies. The DeFi mobile wallet works like any other payments app and the web app works similarly. The DeFi app utilizes yield to automatically manage your portfolio, removing the need for complicated actions.

It offers various investment strategies

The YIELD App is a platform that offers market-leading interest rates on digital assets. Its team of 40 people comes from various backgrounds, including financial journalists, digital marketers, and creative designers. The Chief Growth Officer, Jan Standberg, has a background in crypto and digital marketing, while the CEO Tim Frost has a background in fintech and financial start-up businesses.

It provides high return on investment without the influence of unstable national currencies

YIELD App is a cryptocurrency-based investment platform that offers a high return on investment, independent of the influence of unstable national currencies. Its native cryptocurrency, YLD, originated on the Ethereum blockchain with an ERC-20 smart contract and has since been released on the Polygon network and the xDAI network. It will be listed on the KuCoin exchange in December 2021. The YLD App's unique high yielding features owe a great deal to the use of the YLD coin.